Holiday Tennis Camp Sydney

Holiday Tennis Clinic

Holiday camps are presented for children aged 5 years and older. Programs followed during the holiday clinic are based on the Tennis Australia's Hot Shot Program with the emphasis on fun. Adapted equipment is used so kids can serve, rally, and achieve. Holiday clinics are the perfect opportunity for kids who want to try out the game of tennis for the very first time or who enjoy rallying and playing matches. Holiday programs are held at Belrose Tennis Centre every school holiday.

Fantastic Introduction to Tennis

Highly skilled and experienced tennis coaches will present new players a chance to learn the basics of the game and how to hit a ball correctly along with the various strokes. For more experienced players it is a chance to practise their skills and advance their ability whilst playing fun games and competition matches. The camps are a wonderful way to get the kids out of the house during holidays and socialise with friends and peers of their own age and ability.

The holiday clinic will provide your child with ample opportunity to play tennis against other kids. It also provides the opportunity for them to play against other players with different playing styles before they start to improve their personal game.

Benefits of the Holiday Clinic

  • Children have the opportunity to discover their tennis potential through the mentor system. This involves learning by playing against fellow players of an equal standard to ensure matches are highly competitive. By playing against children of a higher standard they learn some skill from them and by playing against a lower standard player they are able to try new shots and different strategies.
  • Constant matches in double and single format help to improve participation and concentration.
  • It is a highly sociable activity that allows children of various ages to interact.
  • Teaches them the rules and etiquette associated with tennis.
  • Enjoying fast progress of their tennis skills.

Kids at Tennis Camp in Belrose Sydney

Sydney Holiday Tennis Clinic

Extras Available
FREE pre and post camp supervision starting at 8am until 5.30pm
Fun seasonal activities such as water balloon fights and Easter egg hunts

Huge multiple day discounts

  • On Fridays we provide a BBQ lunch free of charge.
  • All children who attend will receive a small token of appreciation with other prizes being awarded for behaviour, attitude and winning games/matches.
  • Children who do not have their own racquet will be provided with one for each day.