Private Tennis Lesson Sydney

Private Tennis Lessons

Private tennis lessons are provided for all players in a one on one session with 30, 45 or 60 minute timeslots available. The purpose of these private lessons is to focus on the technical fundamentals of each shot whilst also concentrating on the tactical outcomes of the different strokes.

Private lessons are NOT aimed solely at advanced players, but beginners who want to learn the game will find it extremely beneficial. Tennis is a very technical game so having the fundamental aspects learnt at an early stage is paramount. Correct footwork patterns, stroke production and mental preparation are all covered in the lessons.

Specific lesson plans are available to all players. In some instances technology such as computer programs and video material is used to examine and analyse a player's game. It is then evaluated against that of professional players in order to help them to adjust their technique and tactics for a more advanced form of play. There are numerous other ways of teaching and support structures available to help players increase their tennis skills.

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