Kids Tennis Programs Sydney

Fun Filled Tennis Lessons For Kids in Sydney

We are proud to present tennis lessons for children from the age of 2 and a half years up to 18 years filled with fun, innovation, and setting a way for every child to learn the game of tennis. Being partners with Tennis NSW and Tennis Australia provides parents and children with the reassurance that only the best quality tennis coaching is provided at our venue. Modified balls and equipment are used to provide the highest quality of coaching in Sydney and we follow the Tennis Australia Hotshot pathway featuring Red, Orange, Green ball levels as listed below.

All tennis programs are structured in such a way that it involves enjoyment for the learner as well as improvement. The objective is to make sure that children learn the basics of tennis in a rewarding, fun filled and competitive setting. Each lesson has a specific technical and tactical fundamental with lesson plans specifically written every day to adhere to these fundamentals. We have a specific set of competencies that need to be met before a player can proceed to the next colour tennis ball. Students are constantly monitored and assessed throughout each term to ensure they are in the most suitable class so that they feel challenged.

Fundamental Skills for Children

The purpose is to develop the emotional, physical, and fundamental skills for children with a range of various activities.

Tennis Hot Shots is for children between the ages of 4 and 13 years. The courts are smaller, the racquets are lighter, low compression balls are used to prevent high bounce.

The pathway training for junior players provides an opportunity for children who are interested in reaching the highest level of tennis.

Kids Learning Tennis

Kids Learning How to Serve Tennis Ball

This program is designed for ages 2½ to 5 or 6 years and comprises of multiple sports. It provides a wonderful introduction to tennis.

The red ball stage is for kids between the ages of 5 and 8 years. Lessons are presented in a group format and the program focus on group activities and team based actions. Games are designed to improve their gross motor skills, their self confidence, and to meet and compete in an enjoyable environment.

Kids between the ages of 8 to 10 years take part in the orange ball stage. They play on a three quarter tennis court and the ball compression is 50%. During this program stroke development, team as well as individual games and events form part of the lessons. The focus of the lessons is on self confidence development, ability to rally, and to challenge strategic thinking ability in an enjoyable environment.

With the green ball stage children aged 9 and older play on a full tennis court with a 75% compression tennis ball. The green ball stage focus on the development of strokes and strategy in a group format. This stage prepares children to take part in tennis competitions, tournaments, and school tennis in a fun way. Different mental and physical components are introduced for the more advanced participants by double and single match play.

The yellow ball stage if for children aged 12 up to 16 years. Coaching takes place on a full court with a 100% compression ball. This program entails the development of strokes, tactical, mental, and physical aspects of the game. It also prepares children for tennis tournaments, competitions, school tennis, and performance pathway training.