[How to?] How to Find the Best Tennis Coach?

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How to Find the Best Tennis Coach in Sydney With These Top Tips

Finding the best tennis coach in Sydney can be an extremely daunting task if you do not know what to look for in a tennis coach. It is important to note that not every good tennis player can be a good coach. Take a look at these top tips before you choose a tennis coach.

Find Best Tennis Coach in Sydney

1. Great Player vs. Great Teacher

You certainly need a tennis coach with an excellent balance of both attributes. You need someone that is a great player as well as a great teacher. It does not mean that if someone looks impressive hitting a ball or have an impressive tennis playing record that they will be a good coach. A great tennis coach will be able to provide a learner with a good solid foundation from beginner level even at an early age. Before you consider price, rather consider the quality of the teaching skills of a coach regardless of any impressive accolades.

2. Courses and Qualifications

Find out if the potential tennis coach are certified and registered with the appropriate bodies and what his or her qualifications are. It is important to know how long have he or she been coaching tennis and what results they can show during their time of coaching. Equally important is to know what the ages are of the players they coach.

3. How They Teach

Not everybody has the same approach on tennis coaching. You need to get a good understanding of the level of professionalism, maturity, dedication the potential coach have. Further it is important to establish what type of personality the coach has. Is he outgoing, expressive, approachable, friendly, and pleasant? Can this person answer your questions in a clear understandable way? Does he or she communicate effectively in a clear way?

4. Look Forward to Fast Results

A good tennis coach will provide good results fast. If learners have a problem to understand the lessons, or progressing slowly, there is a problem. A good coach will be able to identify and address these problems from the onset. You pay a tennis coach for a professional service and therefore you can look forward to fast results. That is why you are there and that is what you are paying for.

Best Tennis Coach in Sydney

5. Make Your Requirements Clear

As you are expecting and looking forward to fast results, it is important to make it clear to the possible coach what results you are expecting to see. If you want to improve your personal game, or want to improve your tactics or technique or do not know the first thing about playing tennis, you need to tell the coach. You also need to communicate what your purpose is. Do you want to enjoy social tennis with your friends or do you want to become the next Roger Federer?

6. Their Personal Playing Experience and Standard

It is hard to teach someone something you can not do or achieve yourself. It is important that the coach you choose are above the level of playing standard and experience you would like to achieve.

7. Experience - What and How Long

Nothing can serve as a substitute for experience. When tennis is considered, there is more than one way one can gain experience teaching tennis. Does this coach you are considering teaching tennis only during summer or is he teaching all year round in both in and outdoor facilities? Does he take part in only summer tennis camps, or recreation programs or country clubs, or is his teaching program filled all year round with various activities? It is clear that how much he do and what he does will have an impact on the quality of your tennis lessons. You might want to ask if he produced any club champions, or some regional players, or even national or professional players under his coaching. Does he have any recognitions for his achievements?

8. Ages, Levels and Groups

Players at different levels and different ages certainly require totally different coaching approaches. You will not benefit much from a coach that spent most of his coaching experience teaching children if you want to up your technique and tactics as an adult. Alternatively teaching in a group and providing private lessons to an individual also requires two different approaches and more or less time than the other.

Coaches for children need a specific approach as the fundamentals of the game has to be set. Where children are concerned, you really need a coach that can work and teach children and create a love for the game while building their confidence at the same time. It is vital that the coach you choose will have a positive impact on the child both on and off the courts.

9. Expert at Technique

A good tennis coach will invest in his teaching skills as well as knowledge on expert techniques. It requires great effort to read and watch all there is on tennis instruction and invest a good amount of time attending prominent workshops, courses, and seminars on tennis techniques. It is always good to know how the possible choice of coach gained his or her knowledge or became an expert on technique.

10. Effective Communication Style

Having the best expertise regarding technique is totally worthless if a tennis coach is not able to effectively communicate and teach a player those skills. A great tennis coach is able to communicate his knowledge and skill about the game in a clear, to the point way. While having a conversation with the possible coach, pay attention to how he speaks with you. If you are having difficulty to understand him or if he gets impatient with your questions, you should reconsider.

As we all have different styles of communication and personalities, tennis coaches are human too and are no different. However, it is important that there are no personality clashes. It is important that the coach has a personality and communication style that will not bewilder the learner. The perfect coach for you or your child will be the one that makes the learner eager and positive about the lessons and the game in general.

As long as tennis remains a pleasure, your child will keep playing. Reinforce the fact that tennis is a fun game rather than a grim business, and your kids will enjoy playing the game for years to come. And who knows? Maybe you have a champ on your hands after all!

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