Sydney Tennis Squad Lessons Group

Tennis Squad Sydney

The game of tennis has four key elements that need to be learned in order to be able to play a successful game in general.

These 4 important key elements are:

1. How to hit - Technique
2. How to move - Physical
3. How to play - Tactical
4. How to think - Mental

The Squad program is formulated to address all four of these aspects of the game. During private lessons more attention is given to the teaching of strokes and the technique thereof. Therefore if a private lessons and Squad lessons are taken once a week, the player gets the opportunity to learn all four important elements of the game.

During Squad sessions players are taught how to analyse a match and how to recognise and consider their possible options throughout their tennis game. It also provides them with the skill to know how to correct the mistakes they make during the match.

The basis is to help players realise the reasons for their mistakes rather than the excuses. The focus of Squad lessons is to learn players to combine their technical skills with strategic situations in order to help them to win a game.